Principal's Message

Welcome to our school and please enjoy your visit!

St Albans East has been serving the community since 1956 and is committed to developing each child for an exciting future.  Located in attractive surroundings and modernized buildings, our school is highly regarded for its accomplishments in student learning.

The student population is culturally diverse with almost 30 languages other than English spoken in the community.  This diversity is celebrated, making our school the tolerant and vibrant environment it is for all children.  The student enrolment varies in line with demographic trends.

We value the contribution of our parent and wider community.  There is a tradition of teachers and parents working together to provide the best possible learning environment for our students.  Our clear purpose is on continuous improvement in all that we do.  As a result, there are outstanding educational programs in operation that take into account the children's individual learning styles and their learning needs.  The school has made a special commitment to supporting the development of ICT resources throughout the school to assist children's learning.

We are also pleased to host the Deaf Facility for primary aged deaf and hearing impaired children in the Western Region.

The staff team is an energetic and committed team with a variety of talents and interests that enhance our school programs.  Our school is distinguished by a commitment to children's welfare, incorporating a safe and supportive school environment where all children can learn.

We are very proud of our children's continued achievements in academic, sporting and performing arts pursuits.

As Principal, I derive great satisfaction from knowing that the school "makes a difference".

Paul Busuttil


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