Response to Intervention


At St Albans East Primary School we are committed to the growth of every child in all learning areas by providing students with effective instruction. We use ongoing data to closely monitor student learning to ensure we have a proactive approach to identifying any student who needs intervention for extension or prevention from falling behind in their learning. We provide comprehensive support programs both in class and small group withdrawl in the areas of Reading, Phonological Awareness, Speech Language Development, Numeracy, and in the use of Digital Technologies to stretch and challenge our learners. An RTI Team comprising of school improvement leaders, teachers and Speech Pathologists meet regularly to track and monitor student growth and achievement across the whole school. Informed decisions are made collectively using the RTI and Additional Needs register to ensure ‘fluidity’ in student groupings, and that we are targeting learning ‘at point of need,’ as well as supporting RTI student referrals for further investigation and action.  At St Albans East Primary School, we strongly believe that every child, regardless of their background or postcode, deserve every opportunity for learning and life success.

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