Asthma, Anaphylaxis & Allergy


All students with asthma should have an Asthma Action Plan, no matter how old the student is or how mild the asthma might be.

To help us better manage your child’s asthma while in our care, we ask that you provide an up-to-date Asthma Plan written by your doctor. The information on this Plan is confidential and only staff that care for your child will have access to this information. Please contact the school at any time if you need to update this Plan or have any questions about the management of asthma at school.


If no Asthma Action Plan is provided by the parent/carer, the staff will treat asthma symptoms as outlined in the Victorian Schools Asthma Policy: 5 June 2023.


Asthma Action Plan



Anaphylaxis is a severe, rapidly progressive allergic reaction that is life threatening. The most common allergens for school-aged children are peanuts, eggs, tree nuts (for example, cashews), cow's milk, fish and shellfish, wheat, soy, sesame, latex, certain insect stings and medications.


We are aware and understand that parents of a child who is at risk of anaphylaxis may experience considerable anxiety about sending their child to school. It is important to us to develop an open and cooperative relationship with parents so they can feel confident that the appropriate management strategies are in place.


To assist us with your child’s individual management strategy, you must, in consultation with your child’s medical/health practitioner, provide an Anaphylaxis Action Plan and Epinephrine Injector to the school.


Anaphylaxis Action Plan - General

Anaphylaxis Action Plan - Epipen

Anaphylaxis Action Plan - Anapen




Students with a mild or moderate allergy to a food or insect and those with medication allergy should have a Green Plan that has been completed by the student’s medical practitioner. A colour copy must be provided to the school by the student’s parents or guardians.


The Green Plan outlines the student’s known mild to moderate food, insect or medication allergies and the emergency procedures to be taken in the event of an allergic reaction.


Action Plan For Allergic Reaction

Action Plan For Drug (Medication) Allergy


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