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Links for Kids

Literacy Planet




Digital story telling: Action-station a website set up by the curriculum corporation for resources on digital story telling  Knoweledge Bank A resource for all education but the link goes straight to digital story telling

Fuse is the Department of Education and Early Childhoods webpage  for teaching and learning resources in Victoria.

EduSeek - This is a combination directory, search engine and encyclopaedia.  Sites are screened for appropriate educational content and searches may be limited by age level.  The history section has some very nice time lines.

Kids Konnect -  A directory of educational and fun websites created and maintained by educators.

Up To Ten Kids - Early childhood education - UpToTenKids offers over 800 age-appropriate learning games aimed at both preschool and primary aged children Up To Ten!

Discovery Education - has tools to help you study, games to challenge your mind and tons of great clipart to use.  In addition there are nearly a dozen learning adventures that let you explore everything from Ancient Egypt to the Space Station.

Web Weather for Kids - Learn what makes weather wet and wild, do cool activities and become hot at forecasting the weather on Web Weather for Kids!

Primary School - Free primary school education resources.  Also resources for teachers, lesson plans, resources for Principals etc....

Kids News - News for Kids. features two new stories each school day, plus classroom activities written for teachers by teachers. Most suited for Years 3-8 (Free registration for 2017 only)

Travel for Kids - It has fun things for kids to do and see in different countries around the world, including Australia. It also has a list of children’s books for different destinations.

See the World -  a Travel for Kids blog. It includes posts about fun places to go with kids worldwide, children's books, family hotels, fun food, seasonal events.

If you know of any other great sites that we can include on this page, please email the link to us and we'll review them and add if appropriate!  Thanks!