Peer Mediation Program

St Albans East Primary has a Peer Mediation Program. Peer mediation can contribute to the prevention of bullying and assist in continuing to provide a positive, caring, safe and friendly school environment at St Albans East Primary School.

Peer Mediation is a process which allows low-level student conflict such as name calling and property disputes to be handled by the disputants themselves, with the assistants of other senior students who will have been trained as mediators. If the conflict cannot be solved then the mediators are to report the conflict to teachers. 

It is a voluntary and confidential process where senior students volunteer their time to participate in a one day training workshop to become a peer mediator. This workshop is facilitated by a teacher at the school who has been trained on how to implent the program. The workshop consists of a range of activities to develop mediators skills and knowledge of the program which includes a step-by-step formula which assists the students to work through problems, take responsibility for finding their own solutions, agree on those that are mutually acceptable and then work at implementing these. Mediators will be given allocated times to be Mediators during recess and lunch breaks.


If you have any questions about the program please contact the school.