Book Packs/ Learning Requisites 2021

The St Albans East Primary School Council has approved the school’s Parent Payment policy.

This policy is available to be viewed on our website for your information. A copy of the 2021 list of payment items/services for your child’s program can be viewed at the office or school website.

All parent payments can be made by direct deposit into the school’s account or by credit card. We no longer accept cash payments. The direct deposit details are listed on the Parent Payment charges letter attached. Payment is due by December 11, 2020.

Stationery items will be delivered to the classrooms on the first day of the school term in 2021, ready for the students to use.

The school appreciates that families may sometimes experience financial difficulties in meeting payment requests. A range of support options are available to parents who have difficulty making payments including the State Schools Relief Committee support, The Smith Family support and the Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund.2021

Book Pack Prep - Grade 2

Book Pack Grade 3 -6

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