English as an Additional Language (EAL)

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

An English as an Additional Language student is considered to be one who is learning English as an additional language and requires additional support in learning the English language structures and features.

All members of staff at SAEPS are responsible for all students’ language development across the curriculum. Mainstream teachers of EAL students and EAL Specialists work together, to build on the students’ experiences and skills to assist them to learn English.


The EAL Specialist at St Albans East PS is Stella Pisera.


Some EAL Strategies used at St Albans East PS:

  • Interactive Inquiry Displays


  • Vocabulary flash cards with picture




  • Expanding on texts with real life objects and flashcards



  • Intelligent words



  • Categorising and Sorting


  • Word Walls


  •  Real Life Experiences





  • Language Experience


  • Graphic Organisers
  • Audio Texts
  • Labelled objects, furniture, equipment around the classroom
  • Bilingual texts
  • Drama – Sculpting
  • Visual Aids